We do ship our puppies. In order for us to ship, the puppy must be paid in full including the shipping cost before it leaves our property. We offer two options for shipping.

Option 1

Shipping though air. We do ship our puppies through the air. The airport we go through is the Boise, Idaho airport. There are a few things that you must keep in mind when it comes to shipping a puppy this way.

Temperature and the crate plays a factor: “All dogs flying must be in a USDA-approved kennel and may only travel when temperatures during travel are forecasted to remain between 10 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.”

What is the cost for air cargo shipping? Well it depends on a few things but let’s use Alaska Airline for an example. The cost for the plane ride will range from $250 – $300. You will also have to get a suitable kennel for the dogs to travel in. With Alaska Airline the smallest kennel they will take is 21 x 16 x 15. Which is plenty big for a beagle but a Vizsla might require the next size up.

You can find a kennel that meets Alaska Airline qualifications at Amazon: Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier. Which cost $60 for the small and $90 for the next size up. A health certificate from a vet is also required which is about $40.

The cost for shipping will be added to the Buyers final bill, which must be paid in full before we will ship. A good estimate for air cargo shipment, including the kennel and paper work would be between $400 – $500.

Option 2

Find a shipping company that offer pet shipping services.

There are lots of companies that will ground or air ship your puppy for you. Most companies will get you a quote before you book. That way you will know how much shipping is going to cost.

One company that we like is called Bailey’s Best Care Pet Transport. Simply go to their site, get a quote from them and within a day you will know how much it will cost to ship your puppy.

I will list a few other companies you can go with. I have not used them all but sometimes it is best to have options to choose from.

Happy Tails Travel: They offer air and ground shipping. Get a Quota at

Royal Paws: Offers ground shipping. Get a Quota at:

Starwood Animal Transport: Offers ground shipment. Get a Quota at:

Blue Collar Pet Transport: Offers ground and air shipment. Get a Quota at:

Airpets America: They offer air transport and will take care of everything for you. Request Quota at:

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