Idaho Jacobson Kennel Beagle Puppies

Tri Color Beagle puppy

Welcome to Idaho Jacobson Kennel. We are a family-owned kennel that specializes in Beagle puppies. I’m excited to work with you in helping select the right puppy for you. I’m located in the great state of Idaho, near the Magic Valley in Twin Falls County.

Our Beagles are raised in the country and are exposed to various environmental conditions, which we believe helps them become more well-rounded dogs.

They interact with a variety of livestock, including cows and horses. We work closely with our dogs to earn their trust and respect. Through this relationship, we are able to help keep them out of harm’s way. We also love to let them run and be themselves.

Beagles love to go wherever their noses lead them; they are always looking for the next great adventure. Are you ready to go on that adventure with them?

When my cousin and I first started Jacobson Kennel, we both lived near each other, but sadly, nothing stays the same. My cousin, Gabe, who owns the Vizslas, has since moved to Montana, taking his Vizslas with him. He will make a trip to Idaho if you are interest in one of his Vizlas. You can check out his new site at:

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