Beagle Pack

Male: Sir Zodiac Cosmos

Idaho chocolate beagle
Goes By Cosmo

Cosmo is a purebred AKC and CKC registered beagle. You can check out his pedigree here: Cosmo Pedigree.

Cosmo is a tri-color chocolate beagle that stands around 14 inches tall. He is a more of a relaxed, easy-going type of beagle. He would much rather be scratched behind the ears then be out exploring. He is a kid friendly, perfect family dog. With those big brown eyes of his, it did not take long for Cosmo to find a place in our hearts.

male chocolate beagle Idaho
8 weeks old
Do Beagles Like Water
Do Beagles Like Water?

Male: Big Blue Dipper

Dipper is our newest stud and we are please to have him. He is a blue/silver beagle and should start siring puppies in 2023.

You can view is Pedigree at:

Silver Beagle Puppies
Silver Beagle Puppy

Female: Jacobson Lovely Luna

Jacobson Kennel  Lovely Luna Beagle

Luna is an AKC registered beagle that we acquired from Utah. Feel free to check out her pedigree here: Luna’s Pedigree.

She is a little bundle of joy, who loves people. She loves to go on hikes and play with the other dogs.

Jacobson Lovely Luna Beagle standing
Lovely Luna Female Beagle

I am quite please with her personality. She has a calm nature about her and loves a good belly rub.

Female: Mini Miss GaLexy

Bluetick Female Beagle

GaLexy is a blue ticked Beagle that came to us from Missouri. She has a very playful personality and loves to sit on your lap.

She also loves to chase cats and will leap off of your lap if she smell a cat near by. Feel free to check out her pedigree: Mini Miss GaLexy.

bluetick beagle puppies
8 weeks old
4 months old
blue ticked beagle
8 weeks old
Blue Tick Hound Beagle
4 months old
Jacobson Kennel
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