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Matthew Jacobson

I am glad you found Jacobson Kennel and I hope you have an enjoyable experience. A little about myself. My name is Matthew Jacobson and I live near Twin Falls Idaho. I met my wife in 2006 and we got married in 2007. We have four wonderful kids, two boys and two girls. They have kept us on our toes and have made life enjoyable. I live and work on a family-owned dairy. I also went to college and got a bachelor degree in computer science. With that degree I was able to land a few jobs that taught me a lot about web marketing.

Getting Our First Family Friendly Beagle.

With my small family, we decided that we wanted to add a dog to the family. So naturally, I went to the source of all truth, the internet, and started to search for good family dogs. No matter what I typed in, the beagle was always high up on the list. After reading about them and viewing some pictures, I decided that a beagle was the right choice for us. It did not take long to track down a breeder and purchase my first beagle, Little Nova Twilight or Nova for short. We where split on the name. My oldest son and I wanted Nova, but my two girls liked the name Twilight, after Twilight from My Little Pony. We compromised and I promised them that I would use Twilight in her name. We fell in love with her instantly.

After Nova, it did not take long for us to decide to purchase another beagle. He came to be known as Sir Zodiac Cosmos, Cosmo for short. We love our dogs, and both of them have their own unique personality. Nova is a firecracker, where Cosmo’s is more of a relaxed, easy-going type of beagle. All though they both can be a pain at times, I will always recommend a beagle, to anyone who is looking for a friendly family dog. That is just my unbiased opinion on the matter.

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