About Jacobson Vizslas


My 2 brothers and I grew up raising border collies on our family-owned
dairy. We trained them, worked with them, bred them, and ultimately created
unforgettable memories with them. It’s no question why they became valued
members of our family. With this love for dogs, we found ourselves wanting to
expand our family. While the border collies did a great job at helping us to
work, we wanted to find ourselves a dog that would help us do one of our
favorite pastime activities, hunting!

The viszlas have helped us to do just that and have by far exceeded our
expectations. They have strong natural abilities that we have been able to
harness and develop further through disciplined training. It didn’t take long
into their training until they were addicted to finding and pointing birds. Not
only do they excel at hunting, but they are they are the perfect companions,
never wanting to miss an outdoor activity, a camping trip, or an opportunity to
play with our kids.

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