Last updated: December 3, 2023.

Beagle Puppies are priced at $1,000.

Luna had her puppies on November 30th 2023. Once the puppies are two weeks old, I will begin posting pictures. At three weeks, is usually when I start accepting deposits. However, with this litter I plan on keeping a female for myself. I will not pick a female until I get the results back from their DNA tests.

I’m hoping that I will get the results back before the pups are three weeks old. If the results are not back by three weeks, then I will have to postpone taking deposits until I get the results back.
I have the kits and will send them off as soon as the pups are here. I’m fairly certain that I should have the results back within three weeks. I will post updates to keep all informed.

This litter will be from Luna and Cosmo. If you are interested, you can text me at (208) 358 3510.

Pictures below are from past Litters and not from this upcoming litter.

Male 1 –SOLD–

Male 2 –SOLD–

Silver Male

Nala –SOLD–

Silver Beagle Puppy Female
Silver Beagle Puppy


If your interested in shipping please read: How to Ship a Beagle Puppy.

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